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TAIWANfest Dialogues with Asia series – A Cultural Tango with Hong Kong

A Cultural Tango - Appreciation of the roots and respect for the heritage has been probably one of the most important responsibilities given to anyone growing up in a Chinese-speaking society. While the concept is well intended, it is often considered a taboo for anyone challenging the notion. The sense of pride and the confidence of society seem to force every generation to adopt this thinking; however, the line separating “burden” and “responsibility” is gradually becoming a subject for everyone’s unique interpretation.

Today, any concept of “new culture” must come from careful examinations of our past and re-innovations of our traditions. Roots are not just about our past; they could be the start of a new society, the beginning of a dream or the inception of something deemed impossible.

The ability to appreciate our past seems to define the existence of humanity; however, has it also become our excuse for our idled progress?  When we are immersed in the blessings of our ancestors, are we also perhaps being manipulated by the fanaticism? Our roots should be a mirror for our generation and we should have the courage to face our sorrowful past and to avoid the same mistaken path. Appreciating our heritage should never be about limiting our creativity for the future.

Living in freedom has finally lifted Taiwan’s historical constraints, allowed people to reconcile with their complex past and seen Taiwanese dare to envision a future for generations to come. Taiwan, the only Chinese-speaking democracy in the world, not only has transformed itself but has also become the beacon of other Chinese-speaking people.

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