Albert JF Lin – Toronto

By August 22, 2016Toronto Lecture
The Beauty and Challenges of Being A Canadian With Pride and Humility: A Personal Story of Taiwanese-Canadian
Albert JF Lin
This is a personal story of a Taiwanese-Canadian, Albert J F Lin, who has struggled to pursue the beauty, truth and goodness of being a Canadian as well as his personal abundant life. I have arrived in Toronto as a graduate student after living under the dictatorial oppression and brain washing type of education for 12 years. I was shocked into consicentization and action by the freedom, democracy and information available in Canada and felt the social responsibility strongly as an intellectual, resulted in plunging into the democracy and independence movement of Taiwan. After decades of hard work and struggle, I have finally found the non- violent tools for social transformation and democratization and was able to introduce these tools into Taiwan and succeeded in changing the power relationship between those being oppressed and the authoritarian rulers by generations of socio-political activists, with 38 years long martial law and notorious Criminal Code Article 100 abolished in 1987 and 1992 respectively. Their sustained effort, cooperation and massive strategic non-action actions taken over the decades have contributed in the improving the quality and contents of democracy in Taiwan as well as in attaining their self-respect, democracy and freedom toward the way of eventual realization of Taiwan to become a normal state and contribute to the regional peace with justice and stability in East Asia and beyond.
Location : Lakeside Terrace 28th Aug. / 5:00 - 6:00 pm

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