Heart to Paper : A spiritual journey through art – Toronto

By August 9, 2016Toronto Lecture
Heart to Paper : A spiritual journey through art
Linda Chen
陳岳琳 (Chen Yueh-Lin) or Linda Chen is a visual artist based in Toronto. She was born in Taiwan in 1961, graduated with a BA in English Literature, and worked for IBM Taiwan before immigrating to Canada in 1996. Linda has loved making art since she was a child, but never had the opportunity to pursue art as a discipline until she journeyed into a new life in a new country. While painting murals on her bathroom walls for fun, she thought, ""If I can paint on walls, maybe I can paint on canvases!"" So far, she is very happy about where it has taken her. After years of practicing art on her own, Linda became a student at the Toronto School of Art in 2006 and graduated with a Fine Arts Diploma in 2010. This new learning experience opened her eyes to the art world, and allowed her to meet new friends from all types of communities with whom she shared the same passion. This was a rare and wonderful new experience to her as an immigrant, which inspired her to write a series of short articles in Chinese sharing these experiences with, and encouraging other immigrants to, reach out to their communities. Apart from her own projects, Linda regularly participates in group and juried exhibitions and is part of an artist group called Painters 6. Her work has been exhibited at art galleries across Ontario, including the John B. Aird Gallery (Toronto), the Latcham Gallery (Stouffville), the McMichael Gallery (Kleinburg), and the Ontario Science Centre's Idea Gallery (Toronto).
Location : Lakeside Terrace 27th Aug. / 12:00 - 1:00 pm

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