MuUyas Chamber Music – Toronto

By July 25, 2016Toronto Performance
MuUyas Chamber Music
MuUyas Chamber Music
The MuUyas Chamber Music was formed because of their passion, enthusiasm and love for the chamber music repertoire. MuUyas means "making music" in the dialect from Seediq, one of many Taiwanese aboriginal tribes. Together, they hope to share their love for the chamber music repertoire and to continue the great traditions of playing chamber music that has been passed down for centuries. Western Classical Music has long been a part of the Taiwanese culture ; it is common for children in a Taiwanese family to learn some sort of Western Classical instruments. The multi-cultural aspect of Taiwanese culture allowed these musicians to grow and meet half way across the globe from their birth country to come together to form the MuUyas Chamber Music.
Location : Stage in the Round 28th Aug. / 1:00 - 2:30 pm

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