02 The Path to Peace – Toronto

The Path to Peace
Cosmos People
Move Forward With Daydream Adventures - Cosmos People Cosmos People were awarded earlier this year with the 27th Golden Melody Award for Best Musical Group for their unique fusion of Funk, Jazz, Disco, and other genres. Their audience just can’t get enough of their swingin’ melodies, caught up in their singular “Cosmos-style”. “Don’t settle for our own little fortune, dare to become a band that dreams and adventures to the cosmos!” The motto that guided Cosmos People for the past decade led them to challenge themselves to climb the Himalayas this year. Documenting the 100 hour challenge in the MV for their song “Move Forward”, the self-produced album titled “Ten Thousand Hours” symbolizes their spirit and drive to take the world by storm, one step at a time! “To ascend from the ordinary to the extraordinary, there is only one obstacle : you must practise 10,000 hours.” On the Himalayan climb Cosmos People came to realize the truth in this statement, drawing inspiration and maturity from the achievement. Cosmos People is only even more committed to reaching the stars through their music! There is no way forward but a daring Daydream Adventure!
Location : Concert Stage 27th Aug. / 8:00 - 9:00 pm

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