Sue Liao – Toronto

By August 22, 2016Toronto Lecture
Experience HAKKA
Sue Liao
Sue Liao was born in 1945 in a Hakka village, and moved to Canada shortly after graduating from university. With her passion of challenging her personal limits, as well as of reading and travelling, Sue has become quite an experienced adventurer! She has worked as a teacher, worker, office lady, and even a creative floral designer. Sue loves to use theatre? To tell peoples’ life stories, and will sometimes guest direct for films. She enjoys spending her spare time writing poems, prose, and sometimes scripts. During her Hope Talk, Sue will use Hakka artists Zhong-Lin Qiu and Qiu-Tai Zhang’s artworks and lead you to Sanyi Township and Miaoli County. As we explore the relaxing and simple traditional Hakka village lifestyle, learn some common Hakka phrases!
Location : Boulevard Tent 27th Aug. / 4:30 - 5:30 pm

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