Dance On The Street – Vancouver

Dance On The Street
Metrovan Linedance Society
Metrovan Linedance Society (MLS), a non-profit organization was founded in North Burnaby in 2011 by Instructor Judy Yang and several devoted volunteers, all coming from Taiwan. Members are immigrants from Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. A two hour class is held by volunteer instructors every Thursday. To speak to the theme - "A Cultural Tango With Hong Kong", The program music will be several Cantonese songs, plus mandarin, Taiwanese and Hakaa pop ones. Audience will enjoy listening to those favourite songs and watching the various styles of dancing pieces. The last dance will be taught by the instructor on the spot, so everyone can join dancing and have great fun.
Location : Granville 700 Between W. Georgia St. and Robson St. 4th Sept. / 2:30 - 3:30 pm

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