When I ran for Mayor in 1989 – Vancouver

By August 29, 2016Vancouver Lecture
When I ran for Mayor in 1989
Sam Lin
Mr. Sam Lin has been constantly aware of social issues in Taiwan and has eagerly promoted environmental protection both in Taiwan and Canada. Mr. Lin has always prioritized environmental ideations over political considerations. In 1997 he recruited 40 environment and ecology activist groups to form the "Conservation Ecology Group". He held the position in congress as a sustainable development consultant, and in 2001 obtained the Environment Contribution Award given by United States’ Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition. Mr. Lin, who values environmental protection deeply, also highly regarded the role that democracy plays within this subject. In this Hope Talk session, he will talk about the his observation of Taiwanese society, and mention his family members, Zhong-Ying Lin, Mao-Sheng Lin, Zhong-Yi Lin’s experiences. This includes historic events, environmental, and social issues to show the democratization in the recent 60 years in Taiwan.
Location: Granville 800 Between Robson St. and Smithe St. 5th Sept. / 3:00 - 4:00 pm

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