Pursue Your Dream – Vancouver

By August 12, 2016Vancouver Lecture
Pursue Your Dream
Will Lin
“Pursue your dreams.” Everyone have dreams and goals that they want to achieve in life, but with life’s obstacles there had been times where people have simply given up on themselves or been told by others that they can’t do it. The road to success is never easy and it involves numerous failures and the key here is to get back on your feet where you have fallen. Will Lin was born in Taiwan. Due to his father’s job he has lived in different countries since he was a child. Finally he immigrated to Canada in the year 2001. He obtained his bachelors degree in Cell and Molecular Biology from SFU in 2007 and during those years he had worked and volunteered at various places. In the year 2008 Will joined the Westminster Regiment as a reservist Canadian Infantry officer and was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the year 2010 where he was tasked as a Platoon Commander. He later worked as a Jail guard with the Vancouver Police department and was then accepted by the RCMP and completed his training at “Depot” in Regina, Saskatchewan. He was posted to City of Richmond. Now let us follow Will’s foot steps, and pursue our dreams together.
Location:Granville 800 Between Robson St. and Smithe St. 5th Sept. / 5:00-6:00 pm

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