Youth Ambassador Team TAIWAN ROC – Vancouver

By August 22, 2016Vancouver Performance
Dynamtic Youth, Friendly Taiwan
Youth Ambassador Team TAIWAN ROC
Twenty youth ambassadors under the auspice of the International Youth Ambassadors Exchange Program launched by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of ROC (Taiwan) will be performing in the 2016 TAIWANfest in Vancouver BC. Travelling to Canada under the theme of “Dynamic Youth, Friendly Taiwan,” the youth ambassadors will showcase the talent of Taiwan’s youth and foster Canada-Taiwan friendship. Their show in the TAIWANfest depicts Taiwan’s multi-faceted culture, scenery, democracy and advanced economy through lively aboriginal dances, adorable Minnan and Hakka folk songs, martial arts, juggling diabolo, Tai-chi, tea ceremony, Chinese calligraphy, street dance and release of sky lanterns. The audience is invited to feel the incredible vitality and beauty of Taiwan.
Location: Vancouver Playhouse 3rd Sept. / 1:30 - 3:30 pm

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