Yu-Jen Yang – Vancouver

By August 22, 2016Vancouver Lecture
Step 30
Yu-Jen Yang
It doesn't matter how many pairs of shoes we send to Africa. The shoes will be worn out in 5 years, but the important thing is giving kids life-long inspiration. If they get inspired, they might be the ones who change Taiwan's future." Yu-Jen Yang is the organizer of the “Step 30” campaign in Taiwan. In 2014, the campaign collected and delivered one hundred fifty thousand pairs of old shoes and seven thousand kilograms of old clothes that filled up a shipping container to Kenya. Using online platforms with a systemized approach to manage collection, the campaign has collected one million pairs of shoes and attracted attention from documentary filmmakers, educational institutions, enterprises, and nonprofit organizations in Canada, Hong Kong, Uganda, Kenya, and America. Motivated by his belief in faith, he also carried out various campaigns to improve the lives of the people in East Africa. This year, Step 30 will fill up the streets with love and send old shoes, along with an abundance of love, from Vancouver to Kenya.
Location: Granville 800 Between Robson St. and Smithe St. 5th Sept. / 1:00 - 2:00 pm

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